Rolling Stone France, March issue: "Time Bomb" Four Stars!

March, 2018 issue Rolling Stone France reviews "Time Bomb"

"If the scene of St. Paul-Minneapolis is more known to have produced artists of the caliber of Prince or The Replacements - and even Bob Dylan -, the punk and alternative has a place apart. When in the mid-1970s The Suicide Commandos were formed, punk was barely born. And if the group broke up after their first record, it was to better come back ... In 2017 by honoring the debt of their label then, Twin/Tone, to whom they owed an album. This new effort is surprising, both for its energy and for its shimmering mix and quite original for this musical genre. The compositions are brilliant and furiously playful and the three original members have lost none of their verve, their game and especially, their desire to sustain their music. The “must have” collector LP of the month."

Belkacem Bahlouli, Editor-in-Chief of Rolling Stone France

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