Where the Hell is FrogTown?

Contrary to what some may think, The Suicide Commando’s “FrogTown” is not in Saint Paul, it is an imaginary city, a film noir sort of place, in the underworld tradition of “Sin City” and Batman’s “Gotham City”.

FrogTown” is ruled over by the women’s prison escapee from “Milk of Human Kindness”. The Will-Hop Inn from “Cocktail Shaker” is located there, as is Heartbreak Hotel, which is on Lonely Street, but not down at the end.

FrogTown” has all of the amenities one would expect from a Film Noir city; deserted wind-swept boardwalk, closed amusement park, derelict factories, corrupt police department and lots of dive bars.

The premise of the song “FrogTown” is the aftermath of one night’s bitter argument between two lovers, in the mold of Harry and Gloria from Charles Bukowski’s “Bring Me Your Love” (Black Sparrow Press, 1983)

The story starts in the middle, looks back at the unexplained incident, and no resolution is reached that we know about, other than that He is looking for Her.

“She could still be in FrogTown, but she might be on Mars”.

The part of Her is played by Phyllis  J. Wright, singer and comedian.


-Dave Ahl