Kendell Makes Singing Debut And We Are Impressed!

Following in the footsteps of her cousin Uggie, whom she considers a role model, Kendell recently made her singing debut on the new Suicide Commandos album.

The Rat Terrier star’s first playback song is here and it is actually good!

Singing for the upcoming album, Time Bomb, Kendell’s song, Try Again is giving us all kinds of chills!

SO EXCITED to share with you all - My singing debut is out May 5th! 

SO EXCITED to share with you all - My singing debut is out May 5th! 

Talking exclusively to, Kendell made a confession. “Singing is my first and only passion. I have been doing stage shows since I was 3. I have also trained in Swiss classical music while growing up. In the past, while hanging around the dog park, I would often joke around with my owners main ek din gaoongi.”

Singing with The Suicide Commandos will be wonderful!

So how did the idea of this song come about? Kendell shared, “I was sitting and jamming with Steve Almaas (Try Again, lyricist) one day and he said that he has this poem which may suit the situation of the album. He narrated it to me and it was the perfect fit lyrically and mood wise.”

Discussing her favourite part of the song, the canine admitted, “My favourite part of the song is the feel of it. There are many people who don’t find love or have experienced one-sided love. Some also have bitter-sweet feelings towards past relationships or someone special in their life. This song brings out that feeling. I was told to keep it bitter sweet. Sweet memories of someone who has been in your life.”

Has she ever had feelings for someone in real life and realised that it was only one-sided? “Thankfully, one way love has never happened with me,” Kendell lightheartedly concluded.

Listen to the song here: